Living on a dairy farm in Southern California, Janice grew up surrounded by crops and livestock.  Perhaps this nurtured her affinity for art and the crearive life.  She was decidedly encouraged toward more "left brain" activities so she persured a degree in Business at California State University Long Beach.  Eventually, she found herself in the business world as a financial analyst.

   After a while, she gave up that career to instead act as a stay at home mother for her two young sons.  Only a few years later she became a single mother to them.  Janice decided to devote more time with her children, who showed an interest in artistic endeavors themselves.  It was while nurturing their creative sides that she was inspired to return to her roots and pursue her childhood yearning for art.  Janice began taking drawing and painting classes for her own enjoyment.  Over time, she met and began working with a mentor.

    In the last few years, Janice has come to greatly value her mentor relationship with Eva Montealegre.  It has served her evolution as an artist dramatically.  Together they explored many different painting techniques.  Eva knew how to facilitate Janice in finding her own artistic voice.  Janice primarily works in oil and acrylic paint.  She uses both brush and palette knife techniques in her work.

    Painting has proven to be an incredibly healing aspect of Janice's life.  She finds the creative life brings her joy and serenity.  This has overflowed into other areas as well including cooking and writing.  Embracing her art and artistic side has given Janice a full and rewarding life.  As Janice develops her style she continues to blossom as an artist.